BrainBusters Presents: SISTER REALITY 10周年!
Special 10 Year Anniversary 3 Day Full Moon Celebration!

2016917(土)19(月)城峯山キャンプ場 (埼玉県秩父市)
Open: 17日 12:00 Start: 17日 16:00 End: 19日 16:00 48 Hours of Music!

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BrainBusters 10周年のお祝いパーティへのご参加表明、どうもありがとうございます!

おかげさまで、前売りチケットSOLD OUT!当日チケットあります!

 3 Day Ticket (17日12時以降の入場) 12,000yen/1人
 2 Day Ticket (18日18時以降の入場) 8,000yen/1人

See you on the Dance Floor!


Thanks for your interest in the BrainBusters 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Thanks for your support, Advance Tickets are SOLD OUT. There will be tickets available at the entrance!

On The Day Tickets
 3 Day Ticket (Entry from Sep 17th @ 12:00) 12,000yen/person
 2 Day Ticket (Entry from Sep 18th @ 18:00) 8,000yen/person

See you on the Dance Floor!