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BrainBusters Presents: SISTER REALITY 10 Year Anniversary! - TOTAL INFO
BrainBusters 10 Year Anniversary 3 Day Full Moon Celebration! Open @ 12:00 / Start @ 16:00
Location: Chichibu, Saitama @ Mt. Joumine Camp Ground - MAP
PART 1: Sep 17th & 18th
   Special 24 Hour Ritual by:
   GOA GIL (Avatar Rec) [USA]
PART 2: Sep 18th & 19th
   Special Guests:
   DERANGO (Parvati Rec) [Sweden]
   MEGALOPSY (Dark Prisma Rec) [Argentina]
   Supported by: [A→Z]
   AK-2 (Mind of Vision) [Japan]
   EITAN (BrainBusters) [Israel]
   FULLMOON MONDO (New World) [Japan]
   FUMI (BrainBusters) [Japan]
   KO-ZI (BrainBusters) [Japan]
   MORRIEO (Parvati Rec) [Japan]
   NOLM (Mental Sauce) [Japan]
   SHOTA (BrainBusters) [Japan]
   SPLIFFNIK (BrainBusters) [USA]
   SUKE (BrainBusters) [Japan]

Links: Past Party Info/Pictures | Subscribe | Unsubscribe